Nov 15, 2013

How to email more than 5 photos at a time on an iPhone?

With iOS 7, when I want to send a set of photos by email, I’m limited to sending 5 at a time. It’s not an issue most of the time, but it is annoying when it is. Is there a way to send more than 5 in a single email?

How to Email Multiple Photos or Videos (More Than 5) From Your iPhone


Hi, I know it's a really annoying feature of iOS 7. But you can send more than 5 images (as many as you want) with a free app called Kicksend. This Cnet howto might interest you: http://howto.cnet.com/8301-11310_39-57605499-285/how-to-e-mail-more-than-five-photos-at-once-in-ios-7/

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