Nov 15, 2013

How important is on-device storage for Chromebook users?

I saw a Acer C720 Chromebook listed for $199, but it only has 16Gb of storage and no HDD. My first reaction was, “Nope,” but after thinking about it a little, maybe it’s not that big of a deal if you are using a Chromebook. After all, you are basically online all the time that you are using it, so there is always cloud storage. Does a Chomebook really need more than 16Gb of onboard storage?

I suspect that it will totally depend on the user. Some will need or want more, and others won't. You have to look at your own usage habits and then go from there.

It will limit the amount of photos/music/etc you can store, but since most (if not all) of the applications are cloud based, you don’t really need significant onboard storage space. Think about your tablet and smartphone. On my tablet, which I generally use at home with a good WiFi connection, I have almost no music or videos stored on the device, so on device storage isn’t as important. On my smartphone, I tend to listen to music when I am away from WiFi and often don’t have strong cell coverage, so I use much more storage. It comes down to how you use the device and where to determine if it really matters to you.


A Chromebook doesn't need more than 16Gb of onboard storage, but a user might want more than that. If you're comfortable with the cloud, however, the Chromebook is a good device at a good price.

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