Nov 14, 2013

How to find broken links on website?

Is there a simple way to find which old links are broken on a website. We have some pretty old blogs entries with links, and I’m sure some of them are bad. I’d rather not go back and check one by one (click...good, click….good, click….not good).


You can check in online tools. That gives good result.

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You can always look into your Google Webmaster Tools account and check for problems in the Crawl area. You can see if some pages lead to a non existent page or missing document.



You can use a few different tools for this. You can purchase software, but I usually just use a website, It works pretty well, and is free. I have had issues with a few websites where I get a redirect error message though, so it’s not perfect.

You can use the free W3C tool:

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