Nov 13, 2013

Red Hat for Macbook Air 2013? :/

Hi.. I'm new here and just stumbled in here looking for advice for the question at hand. I'm looking to study for the RHCSA and I own a Macbook Air 2013.  It's a great laptop for the most part and I'd rather not get rid of it but I know some of the test objectives concern themselves with KVM. I'm well aware I can run Linux inside a virtual machine, but the problem is, from what I've read,  is that one can't be running a nested virtual machine inside of another virtual machine. Anybody have any suggestions? Or maybe suggest a decent secondary laptop that can run Red Hat as the primary OS if worse comes to worst? Thanks.


If you need another laptop, I'd check Amazon's Outlet Discount site or their Warehouse Deals. You could also check their regular computer deals page as well.

You might be able to find something cheaper that way that you can use for this. No sense in paying an arm and a leg for a laptop.

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