Nov 11, 2013

How do you feel about Google forcing YouTube commenters to have a Google+ account?

I’m a little conflicted on this. On one hand, I remember fondly the “Wild West” era of the internet and hate to see more restrictions, on the other hand, the comments on YouTube can be so terrible that I have banned it for my kid - there is just too much racist, sexist, homophobic hate speech in the comments. What do you think, is this a good move by YouTube or is it a bad thing?

Some people will hate it, but I don't mind. YouTube commenting has been a cesspool of trash and profanity, among other things. If this brings some accountability to commenting, it could be a very good thing indeed.

Frankly, I stopped bothering with YouTube comments a long time ago because of the trashy content in them. Maybe this will make them worth another look.

Google was almost forced to take this step, and I am fine with it. It’s one of those situations where a minority of people have screwed it up for everyone. There are people on there that literally encourage teens with poor self image to kill themselves. Many, many comment threads devolve into a series of personal attacks on each other. If you are interested in history (and I am) and check out WWII footage, get ready for some Neo-Nazis to pop up. As Christopher said, this isn’t a 1st Amendment issue because this is not government action, and I don’t have a problem with this. 


I also agree with Jeannie, in that Google is doing its darndest to make Google+ essentially mandatory to use its services. I actually prefer G+ to Facebook, so it doesn’t require any additional effort for me, but I can see being annoyed if you are not a G+/Gmail user.


I think it's awesome. Anything that gets people looking at Google+ again. I just did a few weeks ago and was suprised at how great it is. Only problem now is that everyone is stuck on Facebook.


I'm sure this is Google's effort to pry them away, let's hope it works!

I'm a little conflicted too, but I'd say the bottom line is that Google has the right to require whatever it believes is necessary from commenters. It's not exactly a First Amendment issue, and the only ones who will really suffer are the anonymous trolls.
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