Jul 06, 2011

What's the speed limit for cable wiring?

I know all about 10mb/s & 100mb/s ethernet (10/100) and I've read a little bit about gigabit ethernet (1000mb/s). What's the speed limit for copper-based ethernet networks?

Hi wstark,

You might want to check out these two articles:

Ethernet physical layer

Ethernet over twisted pair


10-gigabit ethernet mostly runs on fiber optics now; but there is a new technology which will allow cable companies to merge the signals of multiple cable modems together to provide up to 50gbps over copper wires. However, this requires eliminating traditional television stations and perhaps running them through HTML5 / streaming / flash animation instead. I can see geeky people as able to handle that change, but since the internet doesn't talk to traditional televisions, this won't work for a majority of cable customers. 

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