Nov 07, 2013

Hard Disk Problem Occurred!

I purchased a hard disk "1 TB Internal hard drive Serial ATA-600 3.5" 7200 RPM WD10EZEX" on few days past. It works properly 1 week but now I not use a particular drive of the hard disk. Let me know what I am doing now.

I’m not sure what you mean that you can’t use a drive of the HDD. An HDD is a drive. Do you mean sector? It’s unusual for a HDD to work for a week perfectly and then partially fail. Is it making strange sounds? Did it give any signs of trouble.

That is a Western Digital drive, model number WD10EZEX. You can download Western Digital’s free diagnostic tool. http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?modelno=wd10ezex&x=-843&y=-2...

Honestly, if you have an issue at this point and can’t figure it out, I would just return the HDD for exchange. It should be under warranty.

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