Nov 06, 2013

What are the advantages of a wired network over a wireless network for SMB?

We are relocating to a new location, and will need to set up a new network. We currently have a wireless network, which has generally served up pretty well. We will probably have about 15-20 people in the new location. Since we are starting with a more or less blank slate, would there be any significant advantages to going with an wired Ethernet network instead of a wireless network?

Wireless Computers vs. Wired Computers in Business

"In the 21st century, it's nearly impossible to run a business without computers. As a business owner, a major decision you must consider is whether to install a wired or wireless computer network. Your ultimate decision will depend on several factors related to the specific needs of your business. Although budget is an essential consideration, security, transmission speed, flexibility and your present office setup are also important."

A wireless network will be somewhat easier to install since you don’t need to route cables all over, but if you are starting with a new office it’s not that big of an advantage. With a wireless network you need to be concerned about interference with signal caused by things like metal objects (including wall framing and pipes), walls, floors, microwaves, etc. You rarely achieve the rated speed on a wireless network. Also, it can be a pain to eliminate dead zones. 


A wired network will also be more secure due to the need for a physical connection. The speeds will be much more predictable as well.

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