Nov 04, 2013

Would the Wii Mini be a good choice for a second gaming console?

I’m not quite ready to spend $500-$600 for a new Sony Playstation 4 or Microsoft XBox One (cost of system+tax+one game). Maybe in a year or so. The Wii U doesn’t have a lot of games I really want that I can’t already get on my PS3, although there are a few Nintendo exclusives that I would like to play. The Wii Mini is being released by Nintendo for $99 this week. Obviously there is a huge library of Wii titles available, including some good ones I’ve seen but have barely played such as The Last Story, two Zeldas, and Mario Kart Wii. How does the Wii Mini stack up as a 2nd console? I will still have my PS3 to tide me over until the PS4/XBone library fills out, and it serves as my video center for Blu Rays and streaming video, so I don’t need a lot of non-gaming capability. Thoughts?


I would recomend buyng a second hand Dual Nand RGH mod xbox 360 console.


with this mod you can switch between the nands so nad 1 is the retail nand and you can use the console exactly as it would be used on a retail console, the second nand has the RGH mod conected and you can run un-signed code on it which means coverting installed games into games on demand and playing them without the disc :D very efficient and if you get a Jasper xbox phat console or a slim console with this mod they are pretty much imune to the RROD ( Red Ring Of Death ) so you can game for hours without problems and also the RGH mod alows you to change the cooler fan speed and tells you the temperature your console CPU and GPU is at.  This would be my personal recomendation as i have this and is amazing, saves you so much money and you can have the best of both worlds.


I have a bit of a different answer for you. Have you considered getting a refurbished iPod? Amazon has them available and they might be a better option for you. The cheapest one I saw was about $199 but it does a lot more than a Wii Mini, and I think you can use AirPlay to play the game on your TV.


So that might be a different way to go than just getting another game console. Not that game consoles are bad or anything, but I prefer devices that do more than just one thing. And iOS has tons of games available for it, probably far more than you'll ever have time to play.


BTW, I suggested the refurbished ones because they are cheaper than buying a new one from Apple. So it's a good way to cut your cost while still getting some good hardware.

Also, Tom's Hardware has an article that concludes you shouldn't buy a Wii Mini. You might want to read it before getting one. There are definitely some negatives to the Wii Mini.



Since they stripped the internet connectivity, If you only want to play games offline, and have no interest in buying games from earlier Nintendo systems that are available from the Nintendo Shop, then maybe it would be ok. However, it doesn’t even support a component video output, so that means you will be playing in glorious 480i. That’s right, not even 480p. Some might say that doesn’t make a difference, but I have a PS3 and an early Wii, and it’s already a huge difference in video quality, downgrading from 480p to 480i makes it worse. The bigger and better your TV, the more you will notice. 


I would find a “normal” Wii. They just went out of production, but you should still be able to find one easily. It will only cost a little more, you will have online connectivity, which is really great for Mario Kart Wii (which is ironically included with the Mini and is the best online Wii game - oops) and a few other games, and it will output 480p. You can also access that huge library of vintage games online, and use an SD card to supplement the absurdly small on-board storage of the Wii. The Wii Mini doesn’t even have an SD card slot. Oh, and if you can find an early "normal" Wii, it will also play Gamecube games.

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