Oct 28, 2013

What’s the difference between a programming language and a scripting language?

What is the difference between programming languages and scripting languages? Are the two terms essentially interchangeable?

Difference between the two is in case of programming language the compiler can perform optimization of code where scripting language being interpreted runs as a sequence of steps.

Some examples of "scripting" languages
VBScript and VBA

Some examples of programming languages

Scripting Vs Programming?
What is the difference between scripting and programming?


"In the original use of the word, a "script" is a program written to control another program or programs. The equivalent of .BAT files on Unix are called "shell scripts", because they define a sequence of programmed operations for the shell (the command-line interpreter) to perform. Browser scripts are programs which run inside the browser to manipulate its data and/or perform programmed browsing operations. And so on. It's about intent and application more than specific language, though some languages (I'll cite .BAT again) are too specialized or too inadequate to really use for much more than simple scripting.

Common usage has drifted a bit, but that's still how the pros and purists use the term."

There is not as much of a distinction as there used to be between the two. Scripting is essentially a type of programming language, without the requirement that the developer go through an explicit compiling step. One pithy way I've heard it described is, “Scripting languages are for getting things done fast. Programing languages are for getting something fast done.” 

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