Oct 26, 2013

What is the likely impact if Verizon wins its lawsuit against the FCC challenging net neutrality rules?

Would the average person be likely to see any impact if Verizon wins its court case against the FCC? Verizon says that the FCC exceeded its authority in enforcing net neutrality rules. Wouldn’t this make things cheaper by getting the government out of the free market?

What Verizon's Net Neutrality Challenge Is Really About

"The Internet—its content, its devices, its speeds, its capabilities, its costs—just gets better all the time. And it has always been “regulated,” if not by existing competition law, than by Moore’s Law.

The FCC couldn’t find any examples of consumer harms in urgent need of address because there weren’t any. And not because the companies large and small who make up the Internet ecosystem always act principally in the best interests of their customers. The market and the technology deter counter-productive behavior. If not perfectly, than certainly more effectively than slow-moving federal regulators and even slower-moving federal courts.

The Internet revolution hasn’t just happened despite the lack of regulators monitoring its every step, in other words. It has happened because of that freedom.

That freedom is what is at stake, ultimately, in Verizon’s challenge of the FCC’s Open Internet order. The freedom of users to access the legal content they want is not at risk. But the freedom of network engineers to continue innovating, without the micromanagement of poltically-appointed regulators. is."

Yeah, ISPs are your friend and all that is keeping you from getting fast, reliable, inexpensive service is the oppressive boot of a democratically elected government on their throats. The $47 MILLION dollars Verizon has spent on lobbying since 2010 was just so they could make their service better for you. Pfffffft! Get real! They want to charge you MORE money….as much as possible. And they don’t want the government putting any restrictions on that. What is one way they could take more of your money, you might ask? Good question. How about charge you extra to access Netflix. And Hulu. And YouTube. And Amazon. Or they could just throttle them to the point of being unusable. There will be nothing to prevent ISPs like Verizon or Comcast from making it as hard as possible to access any website that they see as competition for their own services. From a consumer’s standpoint, the loss of net neutrality would be a bad, bad thing. Here is an illustration from Common Cause on the topic that is pretty informative. 

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