Oct 24, 2013

Why can’t I see a Dreamweaver tracing image when I preview the page in my browser?

After specifying a tracing image in the Page Properties dialog box, I can’t see it when I use my browser to preview the page. Any idea why?

The two earlier answers seem to have covered this. Here's a link if you need more Dreamweaver help:


Tracing images are used as guides only in Dreamveawer. They are not published with the rest of the elements in the .html file viewed in browser. You can use tracing images as guides for width, height or copying an existing design by setting them as half transparent so you can see through them and set, align, adjust you html elements over the transparent tracing image.  

Dreamweaver only uses the tracing image as a template for layout. It is not meant to be seen by visitors, so when you preview the page in your browser, you don’t see it either.
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