Oct 24, 2013

How to transfer photos from ipad air on mac

The air just released, I want to transfer photos from ipad air on mac, what should I do?
You can use iTunes directly to transfer photos from ipad air to mac with USB cable. You can connect your pad with mac then sync photos.
Here is another way you might need to transfer your photos also. It transfers files wirelessly, so don’t worry you can’t transfer when you can’t find your USB cable. You can go and have a look at http://airmore.com/help
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If you have a Mac, you can transfer photos from your iPad Air on Mac using iPhoto. http://www.recovery-ipad.com/transfer-photos-from-ipad-to-mac.html
1. Connect the device to your computer. iPhoto should automatically open its import window and show your device's images and videos.
If iPhoto doesn't open, you might need to turn the option on.
2. Click Import All. Or if you want to import specific items, select those images and videos, then click Import Selected. After your photos import, a dialog will ask you if you want to delete the original photos from your Camera Roll.
3. Choose Delete Photos or Keep Photos.
If you delete photos after you import them, you can reduce the size of your Camera Roll and improve backup and restore times.
If you want to import the photos to additional computers, keep your photos.
Of course iTunes is the best way to transfer iPad photos to Mac. You can connect your iPad to Mac computer and sync your photos from iPad to the Mac computer with iTunes. As for a easier way, you can try FonePaw iOS Transfer (Mac). This Mac program enables users to move files between iOS devices and computer. With it, you can transfer photos from iPad to Mac as soon as possible. You can just connect your iPad to the Mac and transfer files like music, contacts, sms, photos, ect. for backups.

I’m not certain I follow your question. Do you mean transfer photos from an iPad Air to a Mac? It should work exactly the same way as any other iPad, I assume, although since I don’t have an iPad Air I could be mistaken. Just use iPhoto. Don’t waste money on unnecessary 3rd party software. Anyway, HERE is a guide from Apple on how to transfer photos. 

I think iCloud can work for transferring photos from iPad Air to Mac. You can back up your iPad Air photos and then, regain them on Mac with iCloud web page with the same Apple ID and passcode. Or you can refer to support.apple.com to find the details.
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