Jul 05, 2011

Why is there less spam than before?

I read recently that there was less spam sent last year than in years prior. Are spammers being caught and prosecuted more? Are people wising up and not buying stuff from spam messages? Or is the economy getting so bad that spammers can't afford to send out bulk emails anymore?


Direct mailing is one of the effective and sincere way of marketing, however for those business and other company that uses this mode or marketing campaign, they exploit the use of it sometimes and that every email they sent out to prospective customers serves like spam. When it comes to direct mailing, sender must always have responsibility and discipline promoting their business or product other wise it does not bring any good for the business at all and its also covered on the internet crime where there are certain law that prosecutes this marketing behavior. At DigitekSF, where I am working we also do direct mailing, but we all have certain guidelines.


Most of us are slammed with junk promotions on our computers every day. But that assault hasn't done anything to stem the wave of traditional advertiser direct mailings. Are you tired of the deluge of unwanted paper? There are certain things you can do to decrease it. You may check out this site here for more info:


Although those are all great reasons for there not being so much spam, it probably has to do with the fact that modern spam-blocking software (in gmail, hotmail, and yahoo, plus in Outlook & Apple's Mail.app) works reasonably well nowadays. Also some security experts say that scammers are more interested in "spearfishing" attacks on your personal data through other methods, which can produce even better results.


Sorry, "spear-Phishing" attacks are when the attacker knows a little bit about the victim, then gets the victim to reveal more info, like when I was called from someone claiming to be from First Chicago bank, then she asked for my social security number. Knowing the bank already had that information, I realized that they wouldn't need  to call me to ask for it.

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