Oct 21, 2013

Why won’t HP Laserjet 8550 printer work after Windows 8 upgrade?

I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8, and now I can’t get my printer to work. It’s an HP Color LaserJet 8550 and it worked fine prior to the upgrade. I can’t find any driver updates to install. Any suggestions?

The printer driver is not compatible with Windows 8. Uninstall the driver and install another version of printer driver. I had a similar problem, but this happened to my Windows 10 machine.
its just the issue that can be fixed in simle steps you just have to restart both devices and try again if it does not work than visit
You can check the HP support site to see if they add a driver for Windows 8 at some point:


Sorry, but according to HP that printer is not supported by Windows 8, and there is no driver available, which would explain your difficulty in finding one. You will either have to get a new printer or stick with Windows 7. 

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