Oct 15, 2013

Why does my home WiFi internet connection occasionally drop for a few seconds?

I have a DSL connection at home and a 2Wire router, and occasionally the signal just goes away, then is reestablished a few seconds later. It’s not the end of the world, but it is annoying. Is it more likely to be my ISP or my router? This one is not very old, and I sometimes experienced the same thing when I still had my old router (also a 2Wire). Any ideas on what the problem likely is?

I'd dump that router and get a different brand. That really shouldn't be happening. Or you could try to have it replaced by the manufacturer and see if that fixes it.

Probably the router, even though it is new. I have not found 2Wire hardware to be particularly reliable, and that sounds like a cheap wireless router issue. You can directly connect your computer using a wired connection instead of wireless connection to test it. If the problem continues, probably not your wireless router, if it does, probably a DSL issue.

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