Oct 15, 2013

wifi laptop problem

i have one question i am connected to my wifi router http://prntscr.com/1xhvj7 (it have all password secure) and one day i tried othere free wifi just to check can i have alternative...and that was before three days i yesterday tried again and there was estimated 2gb usage with that othere O.O.... i dissconect again and i tried again today and said this http://prntscr.com/1xi829 he is still on but i am not connected to that o.O

The most common Wi-Fi troubles and how to fix them. some tips are there you can check -
1- Check Your Laptop for a Wi-Fi Button or Switch
2- Reboot Your Computer and Your Wireless Router
3- Change the Wi-Fi Channel on the Router
4- Check and Reposition the Wireless Router
5-Restore the Router's Settings to the Factory Defaults
6- Reinstall the Wireless Adapter Driver or Software
7- Upgrade the Router Firmware
i think this will help you out.
Might be your router would be insecure. Unfortunately you did reset or unprotected your wireless router. So people near around you easily can use your wifi.Simply go to router settings and change your wifi password.

Please check your wifi router then connect it again.

You might want to check your wifi router manufacturer's site for an FAQ, support page or discussion forum. It's hard to give you a direct answer without having used the router in question. But the manufacturer site may have the information you need to diagnose the problem.

I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to ask, but it sounds as though you are unable to connect to your home router yet you are able to utilize another connection. If this is the case, then it is likely you are simply experiencing problems with your router or gateway and not your computer.


The easiest way to remedy this issue is to perform a factory reset on the router. There should be a small button that you will need to hold down for at least 20 seconds in order to restore the device to default settings. Most are set to automatically broadcast the default SSID (the name of the WiFi network) which you will need to select from your wireless network menu on your computer after the device concludes the reset process. Simpy plug in the default password and you should be able to connect to the internet.


If that doesn't work, the device is faulty (e.g. a bad radio) and will require replacement. Or you may just need to pay the bill :P I've done this before myself - hah.

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