Oct 08, 2013

How to add voice narration in PowerPoint presentation?

I’m going to have a self-playing PowerPoint presentation during an upcoming event, and would like to add my own voice narration to it. Anyone know how to do it?

Add narration to a presentation

"Narration can enhance Web-based or self-running presentations. You can also use narration to archive a meeting, so that presenters or absentees can review the presentation later and hear any comments made during the presentation.
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About narration in a presentation
Record a narration before a presentation
Preview a narration
Re-record part of a narration
Record a narration during a presentation
Record comments on a slide
Set the slide timings manually
Turn the slide timings off"

It’s not that hard, but I do suggest that you get a decent microphone for recording instead of using a build in mic on a laptop so it doesn’t sound all muddy. Also, to make it sound and flow better, write out a script and go through it a number of times so that you don’t have that weird “1st time caller” voice. Other than that just select the slide that you want to narrate, go to the insert tab, and choose Record Audio on the drop-down menu under the Audio button. Then just click Record, say your say, and click OK when you are done. Make sure that you check the box for “Play Narrations” in the Slide Show tab.

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