Oct 07, 2013

How to deal with limited internal storage on Android phone?

I just got a new LG Optimus F3, which seems to be an ok device. However, the internal storage is pretty limited (about 1.3Gb usable IIRC), and with Android 4.1 it doesn’t have the option to move apps to the SD card, for some reason. Is there anything to do that could improve the storage capacity?

How to combine internal storage to phone storage
I vote for using the cloud as much as possible. Put everything there you don't immediately need or use frequently. That said, I'd consider getting a different device ASAP with much better storage.

Are you talking about apps or actual files?


For files, I use my dropbox account which is working great. I have a bunch of music loaded into my dropbox and I've been using the CloudAround app to stream it directly from dropbox.




I was talking about app storage. This phone has an SD card slot, so file storage isn’t as much of an issue. I generally use Google Drive for most data storage simply because it is already integrated with Android devices. Thanks for your suggestion though, I think I will give Dropbox a try.

If you can't move apps to the SD card, the only thing I can think of is that you put as many files as you can on the SD card or in the cloud. Can you download Android 4.3? If so, maybe that would solve the problem.

 I don’t know why they decided to release the F3 with such limited internal storage. It hobbles an otherwise solid midrange device. The only thing you can do is to root the device then use a 3rd party application that allows you to move apps to an SD card, which is supported by the F3. The “go to” app for this is generally considered to be link2sd (requires root), which you can get through Google Play.

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