Jul 01, 2011

Is there a good alternative to iTunes?

We use iTunes for our on-hold music, but I find the software kind of slow and bulky. It's nice to have different playlists for holidays though. Is there another program that's simpler and runs faster?

Good question, I used Musicmatch Jukebox a while ago. I don't think it exists anymore. SongBird is another alternaitve. Winamp too but it is outdated and no longer supported and only old versions are available for download.

Well to be honest you cannot really replace iTunes. Even if you go for some third party tool, they cannot work if there is no iTunes installed in your system. But I second you that iTunes is pretty slow (time consuming) and complicated (on a few occasions). And to handle these situation there are tools like iPhone to Computer Transfer, Copytrans etc. Hope it helps! 


Before there was iTunes, there was Winamp. It's still a pretty decent program, and there are tons of plugins for it.

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