Oct 03, 2013

What’s the best way to clean an LCD monitor?

I’m afraid to use window cleaner on it, and just rubbing it with a clean cloth doesn’t do much beyond smearing around the fingerprints and other stuff that is already on there. I know there is screen cleaner (which I don’t have at the moment), but is that snake oil, or really a different product than glass/window cleaners. Any tips on LCD display cleaning?

How to Clean an LCD Screen

""We recommend using LCD cleanser that can be purchased at any electronics store," says a customer service tech for Westinghouse, a manufacturer of popular LCD televisions. The cleaner can be found in both spray and wipe form. But what exactly goes into these LCD solutions?

Kai Hui of MG Chemicals, makers of one of many available LCD cleaners, explains, "The main ingredient in most wipes on the market is water. There needs to be a small percentage of isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to help get rid of the grease from busy fingers." Some LCD cleaning solutions may include up to 50 percent IPA, according to Hui, but any more than that could damage the screens. "

You are right not to use window cleaner. In fact stay away from pretty much all household cleaners.  The LCD screen cleaners vary greatly in their effectiveness - I’ve tried one that streaks so bad that the screen was much worse AFTER I cleaned it than before. Now I “roll my own” for both home and office use. Just get a squirt bottle and a 50/50 mix distilled vinegar and distilled water. Cheap, effective, and you can easily make more as needed. 

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