Oct 02, 2013

When will the iPad Mini with a Retina display be released?

I know the release of the next iPad Mini with Retina display has been pushed back, but does anyone have an idea of when to look for it. I’ve been planning to get one for my boyfriend for Christmas. Are they likely to be released in time for Christmas?

I believe the iPad event is scheduled for October 17. I'm sure Apple will want to capitalize on the holiday season. So probably by early November we'll see it released. That's just a guess though, but we'll find out once Apple announces the product.

FYI, there are reports that production of the iPad Mini has already started. 



 I don’t think a specific date can be identified by anyone outside of Cupertino, and perhaps not even there. I feel pretty confident saying that your idea for a Christmas present will work out though, I simply cannot imagine Apple would miss the holiday buying season unless something went really wrong. Keep in mind, there are still nearly 2 months until Black Friday, which is a date on which most companies want to make sure their new consumer products are available.

TL;DR - November, most likely.

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