Oct 02, 2013

What are the important things to consider when selecting a VPS provider?

What factors should one be sure to evaluate when choosing a VPS provider?


Things to consider when selecting a VPS provider are
2.Bandwidth and storage space.
3.Hosting packages
4.Security, and control
5.Customer support
6.Server uptime.
7.Performance &stability
8.Company existancy.

9.Email Accounts and Features
10.Site Backup

There are many online vendor like TheWebPole.com provides good services for the above features.

How to Pick The Right VPN Provider the First Time

"Five years ago, VPN's were only considered a necessity for security conscious businesses and hackers. Only recently has the technology become mainstream enough that the general public has taken notice. Not only are VPN's much more accessible than they used to be, they are also much more affordable, usually costing between $5-$15 a month.

A VPN has numerous benefits for even the most casual internet user. You can check out my hub 7 reasons why you need a vpn but I will recap the main points quickly. I VPN can help prevent identity theft, digital snooping, malicious IP based attacks, and will keep your personal information and data safe even when you are using unsecured wireless networks. Most people don't realize how vulnerable their data is when sharing wifi with strangers."

First and foremost for me would be account security: 24 hour server monitoring, offers SSL, etc. After that, I would look for high server uptime, 24/7 tech support, sufficient bandwidth limit without excessive charges for extra bandwidth, and up-to-date hardware. Fairly low down the list is cost. Sure, it matters, but you don’t want to fall in the trap of the false economy of a sub-par, but cheap provider. 

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