Oct 01, 2013

How can you tell if your pc has been infected with a virus?

Beyond running a virus scan, how can you tell if your PC has been infected by a virus? Are there common “symptoms,” for lack of a better term?

If infected with adware or a browser hijacker, you should notice unwanted redirects and pop-up ads. Mostly, they start covering your favorite websites, so there is no way to miss them. If infected with ransomware, you should find out that you can't open your files. Also, you should see a ransom note telling you that you have to pay a special fee in exchange for your files.
It very much depends on the virus. Your best bet is to get some kind of antivirus and do a scan if you might have one. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Different examples of malware do different things, but some common things are your anti-virus software stops working, you see weird filenames with more than one filename extension, you can reach some websites, strange pop-ups and notifications - there are others, but these are pretty common indicators.

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