Sep 30, 2013

Why does the business side zone-out when they hear the term "big data"?

Matt Assay on ReadWriteWeb makes an interesting comment about a recent Gartner study: ""When Gartner asked what the biggest Big Data challenges were, the responses suggest that for all these companies plans to move ahead with Big Data projects, they still don't have a good idea as to what they're doing, and why."


Perhpas this is a vocabulary issue. How do you explain Big Data to a decision maker that doesn't understand or want to the tech behind Big Data?


--Paul Calento

Often business people don't understand the technology, and thus need to have it explained in as simple terms as possible for them to grasp it.

However, I feel the same way about business babble. Have you ever heard some of these business people speak to each other? My eyes roll into the back of my head when I hear all the buzzwords flying back and forth. Ugh.
Blackdog pretty much nails it: Business executives need technology explained in terms they understand. For them it's all about how it can impact the business. If you can show them how data analytics can identify ways to cut costs or shed new insights on their customers, they're more likely to buy in.

Basically because they don’t care about the process, they care about the results. If you can show actionable data, it doesn’t matter to most members of management whether you got it via Big Data or a Magic 8-ball. Of course there needs to be an understanding that Big Data (1) can provide benefits to an organization that would be impossible to realize otherwise, and (2) it makes sense from a Cost/Benefit standpoint. 

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