Sep 25, 2013

Will it harm smartphones and tablets if you use a different charger than the OEM charger?

I have a number of phones and tablets around my house, and we don’t always use the USB “wall wart” chargers that came with each device, and at work we commonly use each others chargers. Is this ok to do, or could this actually damage our devices?

I'd go with the OEM one, always. I seem to remember some people in China had some bad experiences with non-OEM chargers for iPhones. It's not worth it to me to save a few bucks that way.

There are established guidelines called USB Battery Charging Specifications, that should help ensure that you are not going to cause damage when you use a different charger with your device, even though there may be some variability withing the limits allowed by the standard. I would stay away from cheap, no brand chargers though; who knows if they are in compliance with the standard.

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