Sep 25, 2013

Will Google’s decision to banish browser plug-ins for Chrome kill Google Talk?

According to a blog post by a Chrome security engineer, Google plans to eliminate most NPAPI plugins for Chrome by January 2014. That’s obviously pretty soon. A few exceptions were noted as being temporarily whitelisted, including Google Earth and Google Talk, but the word “temporarily” is key there. I use Google Talk all the time, including for voice calls and text messages when I am at a computer. Google has a history of killing off services, even some that have millions of users such as Reader. Is it likely that Google will kill off Talk as well?

I agree with rtrembley, I don't think Google will kill those services. They'll just morph a bit and people will roll on regardless.

I doubt it, but you never know. Most likely, the services will just be changed to use web standard. I just cannot see Google killing services that are used by nearly 10% of Chrome users such as Talk and Google Earth. Google Earth in particular is a bit of flagship offering from the company, so it’s safe. They might change somewhat, but I seriously doubt they are going away.


Keep in mind that Firefox also plans to eliminate most browser plugins by next year. This is not really a content issue, it is more of a security issue. 

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