Sep 25, 2013

How to fix Nexus 7 that won’t do anything after screen timeout?

I was watching Netflix and after I paused it for a few minutes and the display “timed-out” aka went black. No big deal, right, except this time nothing responds. There are only 3 physical buttons, power, volume+ and volume-, and pushing them does nothing. It doesn’t have a removable battery, so I can’t just do a battery pull. Any ideas on what to try?

If wstark's answer doesn't work, you might need to take it to the manufacturer to get it fixed.

I’ve had this happen, and I went through the same, “Now what?” process as you did. What worked for me was holding down the power button for a long time, I would guess 20-30 seconds, and then it just restarted normally. I’ve only had this happen with the Netflix app, and only after the most recent update, so hopefully it is an issue that will be resolved shortly. 

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