Sep 24, 2013

How to attach a different template to an existing Word document?

How can I switch the current template in an existing Word document (Office 2013) to a different template?

How to Apply a Word Template to an Existing Word Document

"Microsoft Word comes with a variety of features that allow you to customize the look and flow of your documents. Using Microsoft Word's template feature, you can take any of your existing documents and apply a template to them to give them a standard appearance. Attaching templates to your documents in Microsoft Word 2010 is performed through the "Word Options" window and is a powerful way to give your document a new appearance in a matter of minutes. "

You can change it under the Developer tab (if not visible, go to File>Options, then go to Customize Ribbon in the Word Options dialog box and check the Developer box). Select the Attach button; in the Attach Template dialog box you can choose the template you want and open it. Select Automatic Update Document Style and click ok to apply the new template to your doc.

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