Sep 23, 2013

What are the top security challenges when it comes to virtualization?

Virtualized Security Offers Challenges (But Not as Many as You Think)

"Securing virtualized network resources may seem somewhat exotic on the surface, but the task isn't necessarily all that complicated. It may even have a familiar ring.

At dinCloud, a Los Angeles-based cloud service provider that offers hosted virtual desktops, servers and cloud storage, providing security for its small and medium-sized customers proved a fairly straightforward task.

"I just think it's blocking and tackling," dinCloud CTO Barry Weber says of virtualization security. "I don't think virtualization by itself creates a significant security issue. The only thing it adds is a layer of complexity; there are potential additional vulnerabilities. But the flip-side of that is there is still a ton of physical equipment—and that physical equipment and virtual equipment can be protected in very standard ways that are time-tested.""

Here is an article from CSO that identifies the top three issues (at least according to the author) as:

Lack of visibility into network traffic.

Security overhead negatively affects performance.

Perimeter security.


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