Sep 20, 2013

How does the magic wand tool in Photoshop determine which area of the image to select?

Sometimes magic wand works great and is a time saver, other times it borders on useless. How does the tool pick the area of the image it will select?


It selects adjacent pixels based on how similar the colors are. You can mess around with the tolerance setting to change how many color tones magic wand will select, so play around with that before giving up on the tool. 

Photoshop 101 - The Magic Wand Tool

"Especially for high contrast images the Magic Wand tool makes selection simple. A tool for daily use this example shows how to remove a background quickly and easily.

Sample based selection

A little like the Magnetic Lasso tool the Magic Wand does much of the hard work for you. It works by selecting pixels based on settings defined by you. Select the Magic Wand tool by pressing W.

In this example we are going to remove the background of a picture. This is a common task in Photoshop and one that is simple with the Magic Wand tool."
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