Sep 20, 2013

Does it cause any harm to the battery to leave a laptop plug in continuously?

Am I shortening my battery life or causing any harm if I leave my laptop always plugged in?

The short answer is "No" . On modern laptops (Less than 5 years old) the charging process will cut off and you can happily leave it plugged in 24/7. Note: it is also GOP (Good operating procedure) to operate on battery about once a month and discharge to about 30% then plug it back in. The biggest battery killers are age and heat. all Li-On batteries have a limited life span (5 years max) and make sure you have adequate ventilation. You can obtain a cooling pad (some have a fan built in) but contrary to their name, its not a good idea to use them on your lap!
Should I Leave My Laptop Plugged In All The Time?

"It won’t make all that much difference. What will shorten battery life is temperature: If it gets hot, it will shorten the battery life. Best thing to do, if you are able, is to remove the battery while you’re at home and keep it somewhere cool.

If it’s a Li-ion battery, then they don’t like to be completely discharged, so make sure you charge them regularly. Wikipedia:

Lithium-ion batteries should not be frequently discharged fully and recharged (“deep-cycled”), but this may be necessary after about every 30th recharge to recalibrate any electronic charge monitor (e.g. a battery meter). This allows the monitoring electronics to more accurately estimate battery charge.[26] This has nothing to do with the memory effect."

No, the laptop will stop charging once the battery is fully charged. If you laptop gets hot during use, I suppose the heat could negatively affect battery life to some degree.

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