Sep 20, 2013

What’s the difference between Google Docs and QuickOffice?

Google is making QuickOffice, an app that allows users to edit Microsoft Office docs, available for free. I’ve been using Google Docs for a couple of years to edit Office Docs. So what’s the difference between the two applications?

Quickoffice Launch FAQ

"This FAQ is in relation to the Quickoffice launch that took place on September 17, 2013.
Q. What is Quickoffice?
A. Quickoffice is a free application from Google that lets users open and edit Microsoft Office files.

Q. What Quickoffice apps are available and where can I get them?
A. These are three versions of Quickoffice currently available:

Quickoffice for Android - Download from Google Play
Quickoffice for iPhone and iPad - Download from the App Store
Quickoffice for Chrome (beta) - Download in the Chrome Web Store
Q. Who can use Quickoffice?
A. Any user with a Google Account can use Quickoffice on their Android, iPhone, and iPad. Users with or without a Google Account can use Quickoffice in Google Chrome.

Q. What devices can I use this Quickoffice app on?
A. Here are some key improvements that are worth noting:

For Android:
single Universal app to install
For iOS:
single Universal app to install
optimized for iPhone 5 screen
create Zip Files
Word editor Text Justification
View Charts (Excel and PPT)
Drive features available in the file manager:
Shared with me, Starred, Recent files
Mark as Starred
Support additional Drive accounts
UI Improvements
Q. Will data be encrypted?
A. Yes. The OAUTH channel used to open the data from Drive is encrypted. Additionally, on the device we use iOS encryption capabilities so all data is encrypted.

Q. Will Quickoffice support SSO?
A. SSO will be supported for the Android version of the application but not on the iPhone or iPad versions.

Q. Will data from Drive be stored on the device running Quickoffice?
A. No. You can only access Drive files with an internet connection so nothing is stored on your device unless you drag it into the local storage folder."

QuickOffice allows you to edit the Office document without importing it into Google Drive. It also works for people that don’t have a Google account and don’t want to establish one (although I don’t know why that would be an issue, frankly). 

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