Sep 19, 2013

How much notice should cloud providers give before shutting down?

Cloud storage provider Nirvanix just gave a 2 week notice that it was shutting down, and customers need to migrate their data or lose it. This seems like an absurdly short warning period to me. How much time do you think would be reasonable, and will this cause business to shy away from smaller cloud storage companies?

Sixty days would be much better, two weeks is way too short. People need to time to plan an alternative, not just to migrate data quickly.
I don’t know if there is a magic number, but it would sure as heck be more than 2 weeks. I’d say 30 days minimum. I think this is really a scum-bag move on Nirvanix part. Clearly they knew they were at least likely to cease operation before this announcement, and kept quiet to continue to milk their customers up to the last moment. I think that events such as this definitely give to valid concerns about using smaller cloud services providers. I’m not normally one to favor mega-businesses such as Amazon and Microsoft over the little guys, but for something like cloud services for my business, I’d probably make an exception. Yes, that is unfair to the “little guys” who run their businesses well and have done nothing wrong, but that’s how it is.

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