Sep 17, 2013

What happens when you send a text message to a landline telephone?

If you send an SMS text message to someone’s landline telephone, what happens? Does their phone ring, does it show up on caller ID, or do they pick up and hear something like a dial-up modem?

What happened when you send a text message to a landline telephone
It turns to a voice mail
What happens when you send a SMS text to a landline?
does cricket have text to landline
How to Send a Text Message to a Landline Telephone

"At Sprint, for example, just type a text message like normal on your cell phone and enter the 10-digit landline telephone number. If texting is included in your Sprint plan, the text-to-landline service is already available to you.

Prior to delivering your first text-to-landline message with Sprint, you’ll get an opt-in text message informing you that your note will be converted into voice for a landline phone.

After the text is sent and converted, the landline recipient’s phone will ring. When answered, your text message will be automatically read to the recipient by a computer’s voice. "

Not sure about all carriers, but I know some will call the landline and “read” the text message. I got a call recently and when I said “hello”, an obvious digitized voice informed me I was getting a text message from a Virgin Mobile number (that I recognized as a friend’s), then read it aloud in a siri-like voice. It was a little strange. I don’t know if other carriers do it or not, but it is a neat idea. 

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