Sep 15, 2013

How to prevent mistaken disconnect by ISP under “6 strikes” policy?

AT&T has voluntarily started sending out warning letters to broadband customers that it suspects of copyright infringement. I use bittorrent occasionally for legal things, such as Freepbx distros, and if would be a major inconvenience to be disconnected, not to mention beyond frustrating. Any tips for avoiding this (other than to stop doing things that are perfectly legitimate and don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright)?

You might want to find alternatives to bittorrent if you are really worried about this. That would obviate the possibility of being warned by your ISP.

Unfortunately, AT&T can pretty much do what they want. I suppose the obvious answer is to use a VPN, but that is no iron clad guarantee. It isn’t like a court of law, AT&T (and other ISPs) don’t have to prove anything, and you’ve probably given away your right to go to court anyway under the terms of your contract with them.


Not infringing on someone's copyright certainly should be Tip No. 1. It would be a shame if you stop doing perfectly legitimate things because you're worried about getting a warning letter. The first four warning letters under the Copyright Alert System are just that, warnings. Steps 5 and 6 vary depending on the carrier, but even in those cases AT&T (at least according to this article) says it won't throttle those customers' speeds. Rather, it will force them to watch educational videos on copyrighted content online.

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