Sep 14, 2013

How to watch Netflix from other regions?

I have a Netflix account, so I’m not trying to get anything for free, but is there a way to access other regions Netflix libraries (Canada, UK, etc.) with a US account?

How do I sign up for Canada netflix here in the USA
Recently, Netflix attack VPN's massively to control Geo Graphical restriction as there and there are many famous VPN services are blocked which is why its little hard to figure out what next you can do about it, but yeah there are some survivals which are still working perfectly with US Netflix here are few of them: Hope that Helps :)
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Yes, you can do it by using VPN. I have been doing this for more than a year. Although now it becomes difficult but you can still access other regions Netflix by using "Hide-My-IP" VPN.
Netflix attacks many providers and their IP Address to prevent Geo Graphical access to US Netflix, but recently i have found that many VPN providers upgrade the IP's and they are now able to access US Netflix easily here is the updated post hope you fill find the best option for Netflix.
Hi Netflix blocked lot of ip's you can use smartdns servises like
The best way to access other region netflix libraries is using VPN, by setting up a VPN on your device and connecting to a server that is located in UK, Canada and other countries you can subscribe for other region libraries of Netflix.

Yes you can do that, mostly people easily access to US Netflix by using good vpn service. what exactly VPN does is, it will change your real location to some other place located in US, which will instantly give you the Access to US Netflix library.
Careful while searching for best VPN For Netflix because there and hundreds of them, which one is the best compatible option for Netflix you don't know yet.
here is the few best recommendation for it.
I have the Hotspot elite and would like to run my Netflix abroad USA. Can I do that ... ?
yes you can use any VPN service that will allow you to access US Netflix from anywhere you want. but only get fastest one
can you recommend any?
Try or some another new smart DNS providers
Yes you can enjoy Netflix from anywhere you want, but accessing Netflix from another region or country you should use VPN for spoof your location and give access to Netflix. Now choosing rite VPN for your best streaming experience is a question. for the purpose of streaming you can not relay on any VPN because mostly VPNs reduce your speed which is not a Good option. i would highly recommend you to go with expressvpn or private internet access which will offer smart DNS feature with it. here you can find more best VPN list for Netflix
hi theree what is a vpn?? bcus i live in a border town and i see that netflix is better in mexico lol how can i ser netflix from mexico??
VPN (virtual Private Network), short answer is: it will mask your really IP Address and encrypt your data

 Thanks for the article. For those who live outside USA and want to access Netflix, you can use UnoTelly. It changes your IP address so you can get US Netflix.


I travel a lot and have tried a bunch of different services.  VPNs help spoof the IP address to be local but they route all the traffic through the server so they aren't particularly reliable for video streaming if lots of people use the service. Proxy servers tend to be a better choice and have better performance. There are lots of out.  I personally have been using Media Hint for years.  Media Hint . It's easy to use and has been reliable for years.


VPN will help you out to access other geo-restricted sites with encryption. A vpn mask your ip accordingly. You can follow the list of top VPN services to get this job done effectively.


Use a DNS service like Unlocator - it works on all devices and supports all regions. 

This video might be useful:

"A small guide to how you can watch Netflix from other regions."

Hola Unblocker will let you access Netflix (and other websites) as if you are in another country. I have it on my laptop, but I’m pretty sure there is an Android client as well. I’ve only tried it on the MacBook though

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