Sep 12, 2013

How much of an improvement will users see from Apple’s use of a 64-bit processor in the new iPhone 5S?

Will the average user be able to see a significant difference between devices with the new 64-bit processor and the older 32-bit processor? I know there are other differences between the older models and the new one, I'm just talking about the change from 32-bit to 64-bit.

What’s so special about 64 bits?

"The iPhone 5S runs on Apple’s A7 chip, the world’s first 64-bit processor. Every other phone has a 32-bit chip inside it. That makes the iPhone 5S twice as fast and great as everything else, right? Double the bits, double the fun? Well, not exactly. The answer, of course, is little complicated. Apple’s decision to go 64-bit with the iPhone 5S does deliver real world benefits today – but it’s also about setting the stage for the future. Here’s why Apple has made a smart investment, and how it affects you."

Most apps are not written to take advantage of a 64-bit processor, but over time that will change. Until it does, I doubt most users will notice a radical difference. It will immediately help with some things though, such as multi-tasking and video processing. 

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