Sep 12, 2013

Why is using more than one anti-virus at the same time a bad idea?

I’ve always heard to be sure that only one anti-virus program is active on a computer. I’ve accepted this, and always followed the “rule” but why is this true. Why is it bad to have more than one anti-virus program?


Using two antivirus programs will actually make it seem like you have a virus on your computer. They will have conflicts and greatly slow your pc down. Definitely don't get another one if you have something like Trend Micro. That already makes mine go slow with that alone...

They may clash and cause a lot of unnecessary headaches. Go with one and you should be fine.

 “...using multiple anti-virus solutions can result in kernel mode conflicts causing system instability, catastrophic crashes, slow performance and waste vital system resources. When actively running in the background while connected to the Internet, each anti-virus may try to update their definition databases at the same time. As the programs compete for resources required to download the necessary files this often can result in sluggish system performance or unresponsive behavior.”



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