Sep 11, 2013

How to restore empty Outlook folder pane after latest Office update?

After the latest update to Office 2013, the Outlook folder pane is empty. How can I fix this?

Outlook 2013 Folder Pane Disappears After Installing September 2013 Public Update

"Shortly after publishing the September Public Update, we received notifications of a potential issue with Outlook 2013 after installing the non-security update KB2817630. Based on those reports we immediately removed the patch from Microsoft Update - within 3 hours of its release. If you haven’t already downloaded or installed the patch, you will not have these problems or be offered the problematic patch.

In contrast to what has been reported, MS13-068 is not the cause nor is it affected by this issue.

This blog post will describe the problem and explain how to fix it. It also reminds users what to do if a Patch Tuesday update causes issues."

Apparently the latest update was buggy, and has since been pulled. The only thing I can suggest is to try to uninstall the update.

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