Jul 01, 2011

Is RIM in trouble?

RIM (makers of the Blackberry) are doing fairly poorly in the smartphone market, now that Apple then Android have pushed them out of the lead.

Yeah, I'd say they are screwed. They've fallen behind and many people have migrated to other platforms. I just don't see them ever catching up at this point. I suppose they could come out with something that really knocked people's socks off, but I doubt it.

The Playbook is a poorly-named product for a company that has a reputation for making communications tools for corporations, not for playing/sports. And the fact that they have 2 CEO's demonstrates that they operate differently than successful companies like Apple, with their oft-maligned leader Steve Jobs - at least Apple is showing some vision in the marketplace. RIM can still define themselves but they need to invest in slicker marketing and maybe focus on their core values - like security - in order to dig out a niche for future success. The trick is to not be distracted by the iPhone and iPad, and to find some focus for themselves that fits their core strengths.


Sadly, if there’s little software available for the device, there’s not much of a chance that RIM can reverse its fortunes on their nifty little Playbook. It probably would have been better for them to wait a little bit longer before entering the marketplace, and make certain that the bugs were worked out of the system, because even ardent fans of the Blackberry would not be quick to forgive the omitted features and restrictions of their Playbook.

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