Sep 09, 2013

Does Tor really help protect users online privacy?

Since the revelations about the NSA looking over everyone’s shoulder when they are online, Tor usage has increased significantly. But how secure is Tor? Does it just result in a false sense of privacy, especially after seeing that the Department of Defense accounts for about 40% of Tor’s budget?

HTG Explains: Is Tor Really Anonymous and Secure?

"Some people believe Tor is a completely anonymous, private, and secure way to access the Internet without anyone being able to monitor your browsing and trace it back to you – but is it? It’s not quite that simple.

Tor isn’t the perfect anonymity and privacy solution. It has several important limitations and risks, which you should be aware of if you’re going to use it."

The safest thing would be to assume that you don’t have ANY online privacy. But Tor certainly does help. The NSA or CIA or whatever over-shoulder-looking agency can probably see what you are doing whether you are using Tor or not, but it’s not going to be as easy, and the average “bad guy” is not likely to have the expertise, tools, and/or inclination to break through your Tor given anonymity to see what kind of deviant behavior you engage in while you think no one is looking. 

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