Sep 04, 2013

Can GPS can be downloaded on to an android mobile

I recently purchased an android phone from the US to replace my Samsung Galaxy that was damaged by water ingress. I needed a cheap phone and the GT-t9500 that bought is perfect apart from the fact that it doesn't have GPS so I can't use Sat Nav or anything that requires location search. Does anyone know whether there is a means of downloading GPS or adding it in some way.

I'd try find an app for it that does what the previous posted mentioned. It won't be as good as a hardware based GPS, but it might work well enough for you to get by with it. Failing that, you might want to return your phone and buy one that has a GPS built into it.

I am not familiar with that device, but if it doesn’t have a GPS receiver, that is a question of hardware, not software, and you clearly can’t download hardware. However, even without GPS you can get location data by using a combination of WiFi and cell tower data. It's not going to be as accurate as GPS, but it will be good enough to figure out where you are in most cities within 1/2 a block or so. The trick is finding an application that you can install. You probably won’t be able to use Google Play to install mapping apps, but if you allow applications from “unknown sources” in your app settings (I think it may be under “Security” depending on the version of Android you have), you should be able to install the .apk you want from a source other than Play. You will have to look around to find them, but google search should help you there. Good luck!  

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