Aug 29, 2013

How much difference is there between Excel on a Mac and Excel on a PC?

If I am familiar with Microsoft Excel on a Windows PC, would it be pretty much the same to use on a Mac, or are there significant differences?

I haven't used it so I can't give you a personal review, but Macworld did a review that you might find helpful:


"Should you upgrade to Excel 2011 if you’re using an older version? I definitely think so. The new interface and improved functionality make short work of even large projects, while the protection and sharing features make it easier to work with others—both on the Mac and on that “other” platform. There are only a few negatives with Excel 2011. I feel scrolling has been overly slowed down, the live window resizing is jumpy, and the lack of support for Services is troubling, as that's an OS X feature that I rely on daily. However, these things are not big enough issues to really affect Excel's performance and features—the program just works, and has many new features and improvements that spreadsheet users have been asking for. Excel 2011 is a solid program for anyone whose work involves a heavy dose of spreadsheet duty."

For regular spreadsheets, any of the others are good. But, as you have pointed out, Excel just works and it can do the 5% that none of the others can't, which is important when you are a really sophisticated user with complex systems demands. 2011 is also on my list; I am preparing a budget for a small start-up company and everything Apple but with Office 2001 a likely addition.


Something to consider as this has been absent from Apple's native apps.  Have a look at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myphonedesktop-phone-on-your/id352226779... and see how you can have Nokia Suite-like functionality on your Mac.  It may help complete the system for especially professional users.


Why migrate from Microsoft and then want to use their application software? Mac OS is by far superior to MS Windows, in so many respects. (I have just bought a Dell laptop with Windows 8 64-bit on it. Windows 8, even with Classic Shell, hampered productivity and I have formatted the drive and installed Zorin OS instead.)


On both Linux and Windows, I have been using LibreOffice and have been quite content with it. It also works on Mac, but here is a better option: http://www.neooffice.org/


Also have a look at Kingsoft Office, which I am also using.  


The two main things are that it will be slower on a Mac, and all those keyboard shortcuts that you committed to memory won’t be the same on a Mac. The basic core will be the same, but I’d wager you will not find a single person (fanboys excepted) who has actually used both that doesn’t view Excel on the Mac as the inferior version. 

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