Aug 28, 2013

Will a price cut to $299 be enough to make the Wii U competitive with the upcoming XBox One and PS4?

After months of saying that no price cut was coming for the Wii U, Nintendo did the only thing they really could do….and cut the price from $349 to $299 for the “Deluxe” console (the one with a game included and 32Gb of internal storage instead of the base model’s 8Gb). So now we have all of the systems separated by $100, with the XBOne at $499, the PS4 at $399 and the Wii U at $299. Sales have not been good for the Wii U so far, will this be enough for it to compete against the other consoles?


It will certainly give it a chance, whereas being priced only $50 less than the significantly more powerful PS4, I think it would have been a very tough sale for Nintendo. What will help just as much is Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD will also be available in a $299 Wii U bundle, and that is a compelling selling point to me. There was an article here on IT World today about the price drop, as well as the stange new 2DS.


Really, more than anything else, the Wii U needs “must have” games that will move the system. Wind Waker may do that, although Zelda games are not historically the biggest seller for Nintendo.

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