Aug 27, 2013

How to make ISO bootable disc?

Have the ISO file for Windows XP and would like it placed on a bootable DVD. What should I do? What kind of sw can do this?


What kind of OS do you use? Win7 has its built-in image burner, if you use that OS. But if not, you should try WinISO, this is a nice software I use to edit the ISO file. And with its powerful features, it can also make, create, edit and mount .iso files.

Ways to make bootale disc.

1. Download WinISO, install it. 

2. Prepare a DVD-drive and RW-DVD

3. Open WinISO, Click "Burn" on the toolbar

4. choose the XP iso file, then click "burn"

A few minutes late, you will get what you want.

Here is the whole tutorial from WinISO official website: http://www.winiso.com/support/tutorials/make-bootable-dvd.html

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