Aug 27, 2013

If I own multiple web sites, should I link them all together, or will that actually hurt SEO?

Is it a better practice to link all of your domains together, even if they are not really related, or not? I’m wondering if it would help or hurt for SEO purposes?


As long as all of the sites are related and relevant with each other, I agree with Christopher. However, if they are completely different in themes and content, it could harm your SEO efforts, according to Google. I think it helps prevent using link exhanges to improve a sites Page Rank


Here is Google's Anti-Spam head, Matt Cutts, talking about this issue. 



I'm not sure what you mean by "linking them all together," but over the years I've run multiple properties simultaneously -- both professionally and personally -- and it's always best to leverage what you have. Synergy is a powerful force on the Internet. Of course, if you have a site about rodeos and another about Shakespearean festivals, the synergy factor might be a bit low. But usually when people own multiple sites, at least some of them are relevant to each other. So, yes, linking them should be a good thing.

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