Aug 26, 2013

Would you pay Yahoo $1.99 for the possibility of a specific email address?

So my old unused Yahoo email address is probably being enjoyed by someone new by now. Have fun with it, sorry about all the weird spam you will get. I saw that Yahoo will let you pay them 1.99 to get on the “wish list” for the email address of your choice. Think anyone will actually ante up for that?


No way, but maybe that’s just me. Also, to be fair, you actually get five email addresses on your wish list for $1.99. Which is still about $1.99 more than I would pay. How are they going to keep stuff that isn’t intended for the new user of the address out of their hands? There are old emails I’ve used in the far distant past that I will occasionally run across with companies I’ve been doing business with for a long time. No, Mr. Banker, I am not still using that geocities email address.

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