Aug 22, 2013

Will the Ubuntu Edge smartphone still be made since it did not meet its crowdfunding goal?

I like the idea of an Ubuntu phone, but they fell waaaaaaay short of their $32 million goal, raising “only” $12.8 million, As I understand it, with Kickstarter, if you don’t meet your goal, you get nothing, so I assume Canonical got zilch. Will they still make the Edge anyway?

Nope, it seems to be dead. However, Ubuntu will be releasing other phones. So sit tight, I'm sure the other Ubuntu phones will be well worth checking out when they are released.

Never say never, but probably never. There was an interview with Mark Shuttleworth in The Guardian that seems to indicate that the Edge, which was a high end, high cost device, will probably not be the product that brings Ubuntu to the smartphone/tablet world.  


Short answer: Not right away, and maybe never.


Canonical CEO Jane Silber says the company plans to release an Ubuntu phone in the second quarter of next year, but it won't be the dual OS (Android/desktop Linux) "convergence" device that the Edge was intended to be. She still says convergence is the future, though. 



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