Aug 20, 2013

How to connect a Mac to a HDTV?

What do you need to do to connect a Mac to an HDTV with HDMI input? I saw a Thunderbolt to VGA adapter at the Apple Store, but they said they don’t make a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. There are some non-apple products that claim to do it, but if Apple decided not to support HDMI, are they safe to use?

Hook Your Mac Up to Your HDTV
A Little Adapter May Be All You Need

"One of the first things you may notice about your new big-screen HDTV is that it has more connections for video than your old TV ever dreamed about. It probably has two or three HDMI connections, maybe a DVI connector, a VGA connector, and at least one component video connection. And those are just the connections most commonly used for high definition.

It’s shame to let all those connections go to waste. Your Mac just happens to be sitting nearby; why not hook it up to your new HDTV? It's actually a pretty easy task. A few lucky souls won't even need an adapter; for the rest of us, at least one adapter will be necessary."

Don’t sweat it, just get a $10 third party adapter and give it a go. 

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